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Hi I am Amandine, the editor-in -chief of this exceptional newspaper !

We are an STI2D group of friends in the TOEIC section. But, first, let me explain what the TOEIC is !

Of its full name “Test of English for International Communication”, it was created in 1979 by ETS (Educational Testing Service) in Japan. It is used in more than 150 countries and seven million people take it every year ! It measures the ability to work in an English-speaking environment. If you plan to continue your studies in a school in other countries for a selective training, the TOEIC will be necessary or for a diploma in engineering or business school for example, a minimum TOEIC could be required. The test is valid for two years.

We wish to publish an easy and pleasant to read newspaper in English. We will present to you various movies, series, books, inspiring people and there will be a word box because we want to teach you some new words ☺

We are currently in collaboration with the photo club of Lorgues. 

If you want to present us your invention, a technological object that is important to you or what you want, please address yourself to Mrs Owers or any member of our fun team.

Have a good read !

First Edition

iPhone 13 Review

For the first review of this newspaper we are going to talk about Apple

Crytpocurrency Article

talk about the cryptocurrency in general, blockchain, Bitcoin Ethereum

Mr Robot

A review for mr Robot serie and a short presenation of the script of the history

Article Lucas Mazur

A Short presentation of lucas Mazur and his victories

Game Lab

A Review of 3 games going to be released very soon

What's Happening

This Articles talk about what’s happening inside our high-school

Interview Of Mr Deschance

it’s a interview of Mr Deschance, our new Vice Principal

The Morning Show

A review of The Morning show serie

Review Iphone 13

For the first review of this newspaper we are going to talk about Apple. For those who don’t already know what Apple is, Apple is a worldwide known company which produces electronic products for the general public, such as smartphones, computers, watches, and even operating systems such as IOS for their smartphones.

This 15th of september of 2021 Apple made a Keynote (a keynote is a conference to announce new products) to reveal and release a new Iphone, the Iphone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. Apparently, in terms of design the smartphone looks very similar to its younger brothers the 12 and the 11. You may therefore wonder: “But, is the Iphone 13 really different from the previous ones?”. Well, we’re going to find out in this review.

Tim cook presenting the keynote


About the Iphone 13, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max :

The 13, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are available in 128go, 256go, 512og or even 1to of storage. The 13 Pro weighs approximately 203g however, the 13 Pro Max weighs around 35g more (238g).

The 13 Pro is equipped with an OLED screen of 6.1inches.

The 13 Pro Max on the other hand has a slightly bigger screen of 6.7inches.

They are both fitted with an “Apple A15 bionic” CPU with 6 threads.

They both use a 12MPX rear camera with “Wide Angle” and “Ultra Wide Angle”.

The Iphone 13 and the 13 mini stand out by using an uncommon layout for the rear cameras : the cameras of the

13 / 13 mini are in a diagonal layout compared to the standard triangle shape formed by the three cameras. The 13 has a screen size of 6.1inches, although the 13 mini has the smallest screen of all with 5.4 inches.


About the prices :

The 13 Pro starts at 1159€, it’s available in various colors such as: Alpine Blue, Silver, Gold or Graphite

The 13 Pro Max however, starts at 1259€, and has the same choice of color as the 13 Pro.

The 13 starts at 909€ and is available in 128go, 256go and 512go. Unlike the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, it is available in Pink, Midnight Blue, Starlight and in PRODUCT RED (red).

The 13 mini is the cheapest of all 4, the 13 mini starts at 809€ and is available in 128go, 256go and 512go of storage.


Reviewers’ comments :

After thinking about it, the release of such a powerful and versatile high tech product fitting into a pocket is quite a performance, however we do think that the price makes it somewhat useless.

The goal of a smartphone is to make a small device capable of connecting to the internet but the Iphone 13 and its different versions try to actually do what a specialized device would be capable of, at the same price or even higher!

In a nutshell, you’d better save your money for a more reasonable purchase!


Hello everybody, we’re really proud to present to you guys a new article about crypto-currency in our brand new newspaper. 

And yes there is a lot to talk about when it comes to crypto-currency, believe us.

Here’s what you should know about crypto-currency. There are a lot of exchange websites that exist in the world, for example Coinbase, Binance and many more… On those exchange websites you can buy or sell currency. There are around 2400 crypto-currencies available on famous exchange platforms, the most popular ones are Bitcoin and Ethereum. For the story, a guy named Satoshi Nakamoto titled the Bitcoin «  A peer-to-peer electronic cash system” and posted it in a cryptography mailing list. Nakamoto implemented the bitcoin software as open-source code and released it in January 2009. The identity of Nakamoto still remains unknown to this day.

The beginning of the crypto-currency started with the Bitcoin, the crypto was created from the blockchain which is based on an infrastructure of peer-to-peer network. The blockchain is a database where there are encrypted blocks of data that are linked together. 

The real motivation behind the project of crypto-currency was to decentralize the money from the bank system to develop a cash-like payment system that permitted electronic transactions but also included many advantages of the physical cash system; more and more cryptocurrencies are created every month.


Apart from selling and buying crypto there is also crypto mining. Crypto mining is a term that refers to solving cryptographic equations with use of high-power computers, for example mining crypto with the GPU (graphic processor unit) of a graphic card. While mining, high-power computers solve complex mathematical equations. The first coder to crack all the codes can authorise the transaction. As an outcome for the service, miners earn small amounts of cryptocurrency for each service. Once the mining process solves the mathematical problem and verifies the transaction, they add the data to the public register which is called a blockchain.

Mr. Robot

Elliot Alderson is a computer engineer within a data security society called Allsafe Security. Depressive and antisocial, he hacks into the accounts of everyone he meets and random people, which leads him to become a cyber avenger. He meets Mr. Robot, the leader of the secret anarchist organization, Fsociety, who wants to recruit him. Their goal is to bring down the world controlling conglomerate called E Corp in order to achieve social balance. Elliot joins this group to avenge the indebted population due to the student loans of the banks and cause the biggest redistribution of wealth in history.

To write this script, Sam Esmail was taught by  a former hacker named Kor Adana in order to make it as realistic as possible. All devices, softwares and techniques used in the series also exist in real life.

Edward Snowden is a famous figure behind the mass surveillance program in the United States. He testified that Mr Robot’s softwares and hacking techniques are much more real than those in most TV shows.

From the point of view of the hacker Ian Reynolds, the stereotype of the Mr. Robot  antisocial hacker is not good. In fact, the hacker Ellio Alderson should be more social for more realism. 

I really recommend this series, it is exceptional ! If you like computers or you like rebels in society, I advise you to watch it! You won’t be disappointed !

Article : Lucas Mazur

Article : Lucas Mazur earned two more medals, bringing France to a total of 11 gold medals this year !  

Lucas Mazur, the French Paralympic badminton player successfully obtained 2 medals at the Paralympic games of Tokyo: a gold one and a silver one, adding 2 medals to his amazing prize list but also bringing France to a good 11 gold medals for this Paralympic Games session: the French player really outdid himself !

Who is he ? :

The French Lucas Mazur is a 23 year old Paralympic badminton player who was born on the 18th of November 1997. He has a malformation of the right ankle after having had a major stroke during his childhood. He tried a lot of sports but nowadays, badminton is the one that he enjoys the most.

What happened for him during the session of the Paralympic games this year?:

This year, Lucas Mazur was able to win a gold medal (singles) against Suhas Yathiraj, an Indian Paralympic player. Lucas won by doing a spectacular “comeback” after having lost the first match! However, in doubles, Lucas and his teammate were able to reach the finals after losing their last match against Indonesian duo Harry Susanto and Leani Ratri. We have to keep in mind the fact that they were still able to bring a silver medal home! They definitely did a great job!

As a conclusion, the 2 medals he won brought his personal prize list to a whopping 9 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 1 bronze medal at only 23 years old. Congrats to Lucas Mazur for his awesome performance!

Game Lab

Hello, today for our newspaper’s first edition  we want to present you guys  our top three games which are going to be released very soon. 

First video game :

-Forza horizon 5

This video game is going to be released on the 9th of November 2021 at the price of about 60 euros on pc xbox series and one.

The  goal of this game is to drive  many cars and race. The map of the game is very big, it is  100km2.

Second video game :

-Battlefield 2042

This new Battlefield is awaited by a lot of players and it  should be available on the 19th of November 2021 at the price of 60 euros .

This Battlefield talks about the 2042 wars.  The players will be   immersed in the game and you can customise  many  weapons .

Third game :

-Dying light 

Dying Light 2 Stay Human will come out on the 4th of February  2022 at the Price of 70 euros.

It  is an Action-RPG and survival horror video game developed and distributed by Techland. The game will be released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series. It follows Dying Light released in 2015.

What’s Happening inside our high-school ?

 1/ the infirmary : 

The infirmary is here to welcome, listen to and help students  during their scholarship for any need.  It can be a medical need, psychological need or just talking about problems that they have in or out of high-school.

Carine HAUDAN is the only nurse and she’s in charge of  the entire school complex.

The primary goal of Carine, besides healing students, is fighting against bullying in schools, she organises many activities like participating in poster-making tournaments across the country against bullying and she  intervenes in classes to talk and  raise awareness about this issue. . 

You can also be an ambassador for this particular cause by talking to her about that and you’ll follow training  and be called to participate  in  anti-bullying events.
She also does podcasts on the web-radio “Antithèse” to answer students’ questions.Be sure to tune in to the next episode!

Communication is key so a page on Atrium has been made to talk about everything that the infirmary  is doing.


 2/ Film club/major:

The cinema option or major implies many things:

Firstly, you have to understand the  difference between the major and the option. The option is available to students in 2nd and students in 1ere whereas the major  is available to students in 1ere and students in Terminale.

Teachers responsible for these classes are not the same :

-For the option:

-class of 2nd: Mrs Bonnet Bellina

-class of 1ere: Mrs Sabel Bonard

-For the speciality:

-class of 1ere: Mr Balmes: the organiser of the much-awaited CINEDISON FILM FESTIVAL!

-class of Terminale: Mrs Marica

Of course, the program isn’t the same in the option and the  major  but similarities can be found. Both types of cinema classes have 3 hours each week.

This class helps you sharpen your critical sense and your way of viewing cinema.

It gets you to analyse different movies and director choices from all genres.

 Exciting outings are organised, such as going to Cannes or St Tropez to participate in a jury that judges different short films and give their opinion on it.

Besides doing analytical  work, they also do practical work like writing scenarios, shooting/directing films, and editing the scenes.

So to summarize, for only 3 hours a week (if you take the option), you learn a wide range of skills as well as have a lot of practical and analytical  sessions to be comfortable with what you learn.



The Web radio is an extracurricular project created by the CVL and Mr.Bardet in 2015. The adults responsible for the Webradio are Mr.Lucca, a Bac pro SN teacher  and Mrs Delavictoire, the high-school’s CPE.

It’s a premise available to students and teachers that want to improve and learn new skills. From sound engineering, to eloquence , the webradio can help you improve in many ways. To be involved in a certain project, in autonomy, teaches you many things that normal schools don’t, like working alone, not being lazy, having deadlines and learning how to cope with stress.

Antithèse needs and trains new students to be sound engineers/technicians, beginner journalists, commentators, animators, editors for the podcasts and so much more !

The podcasts are then published on the website antithèseradio.fr where you can find every podcast that was recorded on  the webradio. For this start of year, the list of programs is quite short , but here’s a glimpse of what’s planned to be done by students : the sports reports, Studio Gaming will be revisited and rebranded as “Les Joueurs du Dimanche” and a board game presentation program called « Le Seigneur des Plateaux » will be done as well.

The teachers  and high-school staff are also involved in the webradio, for example, Mrs Delavictoire hosts programs about the CVL and the MDL, Mme Haudan, the nurse hosts  many programs about health, talking about many subjects like STDs, first-times, bullying and there is much more ! The cinema club is also partnering  with the webradio, particularly with Mr.Balmes. Mr. Perrache( a teacher who is in charge of the Photo Club) will host  a program on Photography and the history of Photography. When different clubs or projects work together we call them synergies which enables the high-school and the web radio to have content all year long. By the way, your favourite newspaper Tech IT is proud to announce that we are officially partnering with the photo club!
But the Web-radio isn’t just for programs on the radio, it’s more like a tool for the middle and high-schoolers to use for their own good. For example, some teachers like to  use the web radio as a means of assessing their  students by making them interact and debate  on certain topics related to their personal life or life in general! Some students even used the high quality equipment to record voices for a homework assignment they had to do.

To join the webradio, nothing simpler, just go to the school office and ask to be a part of the webradio, you’ll sign a paper with your name and class. Then you join the webradio’s discord server and introduce yourself in detail to everyone. After that, you’re good to go !

The only thing that’s asked of the students is to be respectful of the equipment, the communication because you cannot forget that, when you speak on the webradio, you represent the entire high-school, and of course all of its  members. It’s like learning citizenship.

If you want to create  a program, there aren’t any specific criteria, just prepare it thoroughly and use a vocabulary that is suitable to represent the high-school.

To finish, Mr.Lucca has some things to say personally: 

“We forget, more often than not, that the technicians that are behind the scenes are as important as the ones talking or appearing, it’s something that means a lot and we respect the technicians a lot in the webradio. 

And never forget, studies and school are always more important than any personal project you might have, so if you don’t have enough time to work on the webradio, it’s not a problem to stop working on it and focusing on your studies, as I said, it’s a tool to help students improve, not a choice for the future.”

ps.: Your Tech-IT team has very recently recorded a little program on the Webradio … in English! Tune in ASAP and listen to us talk about your school newspaper and our Tech tops and flops. 


4/Mini Company:

Before introducing this year’s mini-company, we’ll first explain what it is. A mini company is a project organised by the school in partnership with EPA (Entreprendre Pour Apprendre) with the Engineering sciences European section option. It teaches students about entrepreneurship, autonomy, diligence and team spirit.

The project is to make a company with a commercial activity and values that enables students to be involved in a thrilling experience.

This year’s mini company is managed by Oliver Cerri, a technology teacher and mentors from the entrepreneur world.

It is composed of hard-working, pleasant and fantastic students that really want the mini-company to thrive and be successful. So let’s show them our support in the future. Tech IT will follow them along their journey to help with the communication and we hope for them the best results and experience.


5/Student’s personal project

In our high-school, a small set of students have a personal project called Mell’Api that follows last year’s mini company « Mellon’Harp ». There are 3 students currently present in the project and they are in need of YOUR help ! Mell’api sells a product and for production, it needs funds so they have done a fund raising campaign on Leetchi ( https://www.leetchi.com/c/mellapi?utm_source=copylink&utm_medium=social_sharing ). If you can, support them by helping them financially or share the campaign with your friends and family. 

Interview Mrs Déchance

1/Where were you before coming to Lorgues ?

“I was in Jules Uhry High-school, in Creil which is located to the north of Paris in the Oise department.”

2/Can you tell us a bit more about your professional career ?

“So I started as a school supervisor to pay my studies, then I got my diploma to be a teacher in French Literature. Afterwards, I taught French for 9 years in a high-school and then I went abroad, to Lebanon, to teach French in a French high-school for 2 years. Finally I returned to France to be a French teacher in a middle-school in Oise and then became part of the Jules Uhry high-school managing team, and here I am !”

3/What’s the most difficult thing when at the Head of a scholar complex ?

“First, the fact that it is a scholar complex implies that there are at least 2 separate facilities, which implies more staff organization, more students to care about and more consequences on certain decisions. But it’s an interesting experience since it challenges me in another way.”

4/Do you like living in Lorgues ?

“Well, yes, I love it, even though I’ve only been here since August, I love the summer vibe that it gives off. Even though it’s a small town, it has lots of restaurants and many bustles, it’s full of life. The southern climate is perfect as well.”

5/Can you tell us more about your hobbies ?
“Sure ! Well firstly, I’m a huge reader of novels, especially those written by Emile Zola and Guy de Maupassant. I also love theatre. It makes sense because I’m a French teacher. Also, and I know it’s going to surprise most people, I have been dancing salsa for years. Apart from that, I like the usual stuff like watching series.”

6/ What are your favorite films and series ?

“Well for the series, I love Ragnarok which is a northern series as well as Bron, a Norwegian/Swedish series. Kaboul Kitchen is a must for me, it talks about a French restaurant in Kaboul where the clash of cultures is hilarious and creates funny situations. As for the films, there are too many but if I have to pick some, I’d say Smalltown Boy (120 Battements par minute) and “Les Chatouilles” which talks about incest and the life of a victim trying to build her life back up.”

7/What’s your favorite technological object ?

“It’s 100% my phone, it’s just way too important for me, because without it, I cannot work, I cannot entertain myself, I cannot communicate with others. It does everything so, it has a huge place in my life and I think in everyone’s life.”

8/If you had a message for all students in the scholar complex, what would it be ?
“Firstly, VOTE FOR THE HIGH-SCHOOL LIFE COUNCIL (CVL) because it’s the most important student council and it represents and works for you. Or, work hard, try to succeed and we’ll accompany you the best we can in what you desire to do.”

The Morning Show

The Morning Show is a series broadcasted on Apple TV +. It’s about two presenters of an American television morning show and one of the two presenters finds himself in the middle of a sex scandal (Mitch Kessler) that will totally upset the television show.

The TV station (UBA) where the morning show is broadcasted urgently starts looking for a new co-anchor.

I wholeheartedly recommend this series to anyone who loves tragic comedy. What will become of Alex Levy and Mitch Kessler?

Personally I think that Steve Carell and Jennifer Aniston play their roles very well, and I love this show because it’s the kind of show that manages to merge the tragic with the comical while keeping the suspense until the end, with plot twists, then what I find cool with this show is that it’s taken from a real story, the American morning show Today Show from where the Harvey Weinstein affair came out.

I advise you to watch this series in a nice quiet sofa with popcorn and a good drink.

Series highly recommended!